Sensitive Teeth

Are you experiencing a sudden, sharp pain when exposed to air, cold, sweet, acidic or hot foods?

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Suffering from Sensitive Teeth?

Some of us may suffer from Sensitive Teeth. This can be intermittent throughout our life or can be more consistent, especially during the cold weather.

Hot or Cold food and drink or even breathing in cold air can cause a sharp pain in one or more teeth. If this happens more often or consistently then you definitely have Sensitive Teeth and pain can range from mild to severe.

Teeth can become sensitive when Dentine is exposed. This can be due to worn tooth enamel, you may have weak tooth enamel to begin with or may have brushed too hard over a period of time. Cracked or Broken teeth can cause pain and tooth erosion caused by highly acidic food and drink can also cause sensitivity.

If this causes concern or you are suffering from severe pain, then it may be wise to pay us a visit. Sensitive teeth could be a sign of a cavity, tooth decay, a cracked/broken tooth or filling, weak or damage enamel, or receding gums. Unfortunately, there isn’t one single cure for Sensitive Teeth that will suit everyone but there are plenty of ways you can try to avoid it or at least ease the pain.

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Sensitive Teeth - Questions & Answers

Try using a Soft or Medium Toothbrush and be gentler when you brush. There are plenty of toothpastes out there that help sooth pain from tooth sensitivity. After continuous use you may notice that the pain has gone completely and can stop using it however you might need to use it again if your symptoms return.

If you have concerns, please get in touch and book an appointment with one of our Dentists so you discuss and examine your sensitivity issues.

Avoid acidic Food and Drink if you can and brush gently after consuming very acidic Food and Drink. Often grinding our teeth at night damages tooth enamel and makes it weak and prone to sensitivity so wearing a Mouth Guard at night can protect your teeth.

Book an appointment at Bromsgrove Dental and we can make you a custom Mouth Guard, so you can start protecting your teeth now.

If you don’t have much success with any of the above, then you can talk to us about a painted-on barrier. We can use a fluoride varnish that is applied to the sensitive tooth or teeth.

This treatment can last anything from a few months to a few years depending on wear and tear.

If you follow our Dentists advice, then it will certainly be the latter.