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Can Quick Straight Teeth help?

Many factors can put people off braces even if they are unhappy with their teeth.

Time, Cost, Discomfort and Appearance are the main reasons people are put off by orthodontics treatment.

However, times have changed, and dental treatments have come a long way. Quick Straight Teeth is a modern, comfortable, affordable and effective way of straightening your teeth.

They are also virtually invisible unlike metal braces which may leave some feeling self-conscious.

The braces work by concentrating on the from 6-8 teeth and correcting mild to moderate problems very quickly. Therefore, treatment time is quicker and more affordable.

There are two types of QST, Fixed Braces which are virtually clear using clear brackets and tooth coloured wire and clear plastic removable braces.

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As the treatment time is quicker and less Dental Appointments are involved Quick Straight Teeth is very affordable compared to metal braces.

At Bromsgrove Dental Clinic, we also offer 0% Finance to help spread the cost.

Unlike metal braces or braces on the NHS, QST takes between 4 and 24 weeks depending on how much straightening is required.

Also, as QST concentrates on the from 6-8 teeth its much quicker.

QST have designed their braces so that they are very comfortable to wear, and they will not only look discreet, but you will hardly notice they are there.