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Heart Lips Lip Fillers Bromsgrove Dental Clinic Worcester

Looking for Heart Lips or Lip Fillers in Bromsgrove?

Dr Nazia has been specially trained and licensed by Professor Bob Khanna in the revolutionary Heart Lips technique.

Heart Lips have specially designed features to give you a perfect shaped pout.

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Heart Lips Lip fillers Bromsgrove Dental Clinic

Heart Lips™ is a technique in lip augmentation designed by Dr. Bob Khanna, who was inspired by looking at the lips of women who were naturally beautiful.

Dr. Khanna discovered that beautiful lips were naturally heart shaped, and had a noticeable cleft on both the lower lip’s mid-line, as well as the upper lip – forming an attractive lobe shape that provides a youthfully attractive frame to the most dazzling smiles.

Questions & Answers

Heart Lips is a revolutionary specialised technique that uses precise amounts of filler to make the lips look full and more natural.

It makes the lip more natural looking and shapes features into the lips such as a cleft in the lower lip to make it look more 3D and well formed than a standard lip filler technique.

Heart Lips are often known as “Angelina Jolie Lips”.

It makes your lips look more youthful and attractive.

If you have not had fillers before, then usually filler last less longer and may need top up in a few months time.

If you have had filler before then it can last up to 9-12 months.

Everybody is different and results can last according to a persons age, anatomy, lifestyle and health.

You can have Heart Lips if you have thin lips. The shape will be built into your lips as they are built up.

However, if you have thin lips it is best to start building them slowly, using around 1ml at a time spaced months apart.

If you rush and build them quickly then you can run into complications such as scarring and ulceration.

Dr Nazia uses the cannula technique to build your lips.

Cannulas are hollow thin plastic tubes that enable your lips to be built up with minimal bruising and swelling.

Cannulas are safer than needles as they are blunt ended and will not perforate any vital blood vessels. It causes minimal discomfort.

Dr Nazia ensure that you are numbed with topical anaesthetic so that you do not feel pain.

Also the best fillers used that contain anesthetic so they numb the site immediately whilst being injected.

If you are particularly nervous, then Dr Nazia can using dental anesthetic to numb areas of the mouth to make it completely numb.

Yes they will. Even during kissing, they will feel natural and soft!


You can get some temporary redness and bruising afterwards.

Sometimes they are a bit sore and tender.

These are all temporary side effects and will return to normal after a few days.


It is important to have a FREE 15 minute consultation with Dr Nazia first.

This is so she can treatment plan what you need and go through everything with you face to face, including details such as your medical history and consent forms.

Then the second appointment is 30 minutes long.

A review appointment is booked 3-4 weeks after for 15 minutes.

No you do not!

Many people have it done in their lunch hour even!

There is minimal recovery time needed.


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