Do you have any wisdom teeth? Are they sitting comfortably or causing a nuisance or even pain?


Most adults have 32 teeth in their mouth and this includes your 4 wisdom teeth. These molars can be useful for many people.

However some people may find them useless and uncomfortable. Having your wisdom teeth out is a very common surgical procedure in the UK.

Misalignment and Overcrowding

When wisdom teeth are misaligned they can cause many problems and they may need to be extracted. If your wisdom teeth are coming through in the wrong angle you should see your dentist asap.

Poorly aligned wisdom teeth can over crowd your other teeth. They can make your jaw uncomfortable as well as affect your nerves. When wisdom teeth are pushing against your second molars this leaves your other teeth more susceptible to tooth decay


Sometimes wisdom teeth don’t surface and stay entrapped within your gum and soft tissues. This normally happens if there is no room for them to come through.

Teeth that remain partially or completely entrapped within the soft tissues may never be an issue. When growing in the wrong direction they are known as impacted wisdom teeth but unfortunately they will most likely need to be removed surgically.

Some partially erupted wisdom teeth can become a problem as food debris and bacteria get trapped within the gum pocket. This can cause infection and also lead to the term dentists call Pericoronitis. Get in touch if you think you have Pericoronitis as you will need to be treated asap: 01527 874 537.

How do I know I have wisdom teeth?

Ask your dentist about the positioning of your wisdom teeth. He or she can take a radiograph to have a look and see if they may become a problem in the future and whether you need to have them taken out.

How will you remove my wisdom teeth?

Depending on the position of your wisdom teeth, the majority of the time they can be taken out at your dental surgery but if you are unlucky enough to have an impacted wisdom tooth then you can be referred to the dental hospital. You can either have Local Anaesthetic at your dental practice, some practices offer conscious sedation, however if you are a nervous patient you can have sedation or general anaesthetic in the hospital.

If you have troublesome Wisdom Teeth then get in touch with Bromsgrove Dental Clinic to see if we can assist in diagnosis or removal. We are also fully qualified to provide sedation and have various techniques to help with nervous patients; click here for more information. Call us on 01527 874 537 or contact us via email on

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