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Fixed Braces

There are many types of braces out there, such as invisible, removable and fixed braces. Removable braces usually take less time but may not be suitable if the teeth are very overcrowded and/or crooked. They are also more expensive than conventional fixed braces.

Once you book a consultation with your dentist, they can advise you on the best and most affordable braces.

At Bromsgrove Dental, we have the following Orthodontic treatments:

Fixed Braces

Quick Straight Teeth (click here for more information)

Invisalign (click here for more information)

Fastbraces (click here for more information)

Fixed braces usually take between 12 to 24 months but it all depends on how far your teeth will need to be moved.

So it could take longer if the problem is more severe and there is a lot of orthodontic work to be done.

But once the work is completed, you will be left with lovely straight teeth for life, so although it seems like a long process, it is definitely worth it when you see the final results.

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If you have overcrowding it is very likely we will need to remove some teeth in order for the teeth to have the room to sit straight when they move into the gaps.

At Bromsgrove Dental we are fully qualified to perform Dental Extractions so all your treatment can be done under one roof!

We would normally book you in every 6 to eight weeks and at each appointment we will tighten the brace to bring the teeth closer together and into a straighter position.

It is important you make each appointment otherwise the fixed braces will take longer to work.

Yes of course although it may take some getting used to at first.

It is best to avoid sticky, chewy, sugary foods though as it is hard to clean off your brace. Also avoid hard foods like whole apples, carrots and crusty bread as these could break the wires of brackets.

What happens if I damage my fixed braces?

Nail biting, chewing pencils, doing contact sports without a mouth guard or even eating hard foods could damage your brace.

If this happens, contact us as soon as possible so we can book you in and repair the brace.

If the brace is broken it will delay the straightening process and stop the brace from doing its job. So, its best to get your ‘fixed brace fixed’ straight away.