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Looking for an Emergency Dentist?

Tooth ache relief, Swollen jaw relief, Cracked tooth, Repair of lost or loose fillings, Sore gum relief, Root canal therapy, Dental repair or a broken / damaged brace.

If you’re experiencing dental pain or know that you need emergency dental care, please get in touch asap. We promise to see you at the earliest possible appointment.

Your dentist will be prepared for your arrival and will be ready to take action to resolve your emergency.

If the emergency is life threatening, please call an ambulance without delay.

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Regardless of whether it is painful or not, you should see a dentist immediately.

You need to make sure that any sensitive areas of the tooth that may now be exposed are seen to without delay otherwise bacteria may penetrate and create further problems. Where damaged teeth or a tooth is unprotected, it may lead to new decay, so its important your dentist is able to examine the serious asap.

Get in touch for an emergency appointment if you have any concerns what so every, don't put it off!

Simply put a dental emergency is defined by any dental pain, swelling, an abyss, bleeding or of course discomfort.

In most dental cases a patient will not be able to help or treat themselves, so it is vitally important that you are seen quickly.

Knots, swelling, or bulges on your gums depending on the severity may also be classed as a  dental emergency if they are causing pain.

If you are woken up by a throbbing tooth or your gums  are hurting, firstly you look to throughly clean there area.  Brush / floss to remove any food & it maybe a good idea to rinse with a mouth wash.

For the pain take some Aspirin, but no more than the recommended dosage.

Where the pain persists, book in to see your dentist without delay.