Denture Maintenance

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Denture Maintenance

Dentures, just like natural teeth, need your attention to keep them clean and to ensure deposits do not build up over time. Dirty dentures can cause bad breath and gum disease if they are not looked after so Denture Maintenance is as important as Dental Hygiene.

You should also brush any remaining teeth, your gums and tongue with a fluoride toothpaste.

Brush your Dentures at least twice a day, morning and night, just like you would normal teeth!

Here are a few Denture Maintenance Tips:

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Denture Maintenance Guide


  • Try to rinse them in warm water after a meal, this will make morning and night cleaning easier.
  • When cleaning your dentures, place a towel underneath in case you drop them as they could break (or fill the sink with enough water that they would float if dropped).
  • Always hold the Denture in your hand, holding them in your palm could break them if brushing too hard.
  • Brush your Dentures with a special Denture cream or paste.
  • Soak your Dentures in Steradent to remove stains and plaque.
  • You can purchase a Sonic Denture cleaner to make Denture Maintenance easy.
  • Keep up your regular dental appointments to ensure your Dentures are fine and that your gums are healthy. They can also give your Dentures a thorough clean


  • When cleaning your Dentures, don’t do this when they are still inside your mouth.
  • Don’t ignore problems! If you have any problems such as irritation or loosening then visit your dentist.
  • Lose Dentures can cause ulcers and bone damage so make sure these problems are sorted straight away.
  • Don’t use abrasives as this could damage the surface which can then be stained easily.
  • Don’t let Dentures dry out, ensure when not in use, they are placed in a glass or case of water.
  • You can purchase these specifically for Dentures.
  • Don’t wear them 24hours a day, your gums need a break!