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Dental Surgery

The idea of Surgery may seem scary however Dental Surgery doesn’t always involve being put under General Anaesthetic (unless you are a very nervous patient, in which case we offer sedation by our qualified Dentists).

Even the idea of going to the dentist can be overwhelming but clear information about the procedures can help to ease any concerns you may have and make your experience at Bromsgrove Dental go smoothly.

At Bromsgrove Dental we ensure that we go through every detail of your Dental Surgery and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Here is a list of common Dental Surgery procedures. Click on the links within each one to find out more information about each procedure:

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Yes, even a filling comes under Dental Surgery! We use restorative materials to repair your teeth, the most common being composite fillings made from a tooth-coloured resin which looks and feels like natural teeth. Click here to find out about the Fillings procedure.

If you have damaged pulp due to cracked teeth, a deep cavity, or tooth injury they you will require a Root Canal. If untreated the tooth will become infected causing pain, further infection or an abscess.

You will need minor Dental Surgery to extract the infected pulp, clean the tooth and fill it to prevent any further infection. Click here to find out about the Root Canal procedure.

An Extraction is the removal of a tooth and usually a last resort. The need for extraction may be because the tooth is infected, damaged or you suffer with overcrowding.

Your Dentist will numb the area and wriggle the tooth out of it’s socket.  For teeth that are more troublesome, Dental Surgery may be required to remove the tooth.

X-rays will be taken prior to Extraction so your Dentist will advise you on the treatment required.

Dr Arun Pal is fully qualified in Extracting Wisdom Teeth as well as surgical removal of difficult Wisdom Teeth. Don’t join the long NHS waiting lists for Dental Extractions or Dental Surgery. Call Bromsgrove Dental Clinic today and we will get you booked in straight away.

Click here to find out about the Extraction procedure.

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