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Scale & Polish

It is important that you visit your dentist for a check up every 6 months to ensure you teeth and gums remain healthy and you avoid gum disease or tooth decay and loss. Upon your visit you may require a scale and polish.

We use an Ultrasonic tool to clean around the gum line and teeth to remove tartar and plaque that have built up on the back and front of your teeth.

We will then use a paste to polish your teeth and remove surface stains as well as minor imperfections and patches of rough texture leaving your teeth feeling clean and your mouth feeling fresh.

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Sometime a scale and polish isn’t enough, especially if you have large deposits of plaque and tartar; so you will require an appointment with a Dental Hygienist. Click here to visit our Dental Hygienist page.

We also provide another type of Dental cleaning called Airflow. The Airlfow technique is very effective and uses a machine that polishes and cleans your teeth using water, air and fine powder particles. It is a very effective technique and removes stains, yellowing and plaque. Click here to read about Airflow.

If you are unsure which cleaning treatment is best then get in touch with us or ask your Dentist what they would advise at your next check-up.