Dental Inlays

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Dental Inlays

Whilst a crown is a treatment option for hiding a decayed or damaged tooth, an Inlay (or Onlay) is mostly used to cover decay on back teeth as a filling isn’t strong enough. Your back teeth (chewing surfaces) are very vulnerable to developing cavities so we would recommend an Inlay. Also if you require an Inlay or Onlay, it means we can save your tooth as opposed to removing it.

Unlike Crowns, we may only need to remove a small amount of the decayed tooth. We then make the Inlay or Onlay to fit into the cavity which is then bonded in place. The Inlay Is tough and hard wearing so you can continue your normal eating habits without worrying about chipping or cracking your tooth.


Your Dentist will be able to advise you on the best course of action whether it be a Crown, Inlay or Onlay that is required.


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What’s the difference between an Inlay or Onlay?

We would use an Inlay to repair and protect the centre of the back tooth. If the damage spreads out of the centre, then an Onlay is needed as this covers a bigger surface area of damage.

What is an Inlay or Onlay made out of?

Our Inlays are made out of high quality composite resin or porcelain as these are very hard wearing and a very natural looking colour, so they blend in unnoticed with the rest of your teeth. At your appointment we will make impressions of your tooth and send it off to be made. In the mean time we will provide you with a temporary filling to protect your tooth. Then at your next appointment we will remove the filling and bond the new Inlay or Onlay to your tooth.