Dental Extractions

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Dental Extractions

You will need a Tooth extracted if your tooth has been broken or damaged by decay. Often, they can be fixed by fillings or crowns but if the damaged cannot be repaired then Dental Extraction is the only option.

Teeth may also need to be extracted if you require a brace to straighten the teeth pushed out by overcrowding.

Sometimes milk teeth don’t fall out correctly which stops the adult teeth coming through, so a Dental Extraction is required.

Wisdom teeth are often extracted as they often struggle to come through or come through at an angle. They are often removed due to decay as they are hard to get to so are often missed when brushing. Infection or cysts can occur also as well as pain and swelling as a result of wisdom teeth.

Prior to extraction we will take X-rays of the area, so we can plan the best way to remove the tooth. Please make sure you provide us with full details of your medical history and any allergies you have if you have not already done so.

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There are two types of Dental Extractions.

The first is a Simple Extraction whereby the tooth and gum will be numbed and can be slowly removed by loosening the tooth. During extraction you can expect to feel pressure but no pain.

The second is a Surgical Extraction which is used in more complex removals i.e. the tooth is at an angle, the root is curved or the tooth has broken off. We will numb the area and then make a small incision in the gum and remove the impacted or broken tooth.

We are also qualified to provide sedation if you are a nervous patient there is no need to worry about Dental Extractions.

Dr Naresh Arun is fully qualified and has advanced Extraction training so he can remove wisdom teeth, impacted teeth and teeth that require Surgical Extraction.

Waiting for Dental Extractions on the NHS can take months, we can get you booked in and your tooth removed in a fraction of the time.