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Dental Checkup & Examination

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Dental Checkup & Examination

Suffering from a troublesome mouth ulcer, bleeding or Irritated gums or perhaps its just time for your dental checkup?

Typically a routine dentist checkup / appointment takes between 15 minutes to 30 min for a simple dental checkup.

If more investigation and X-rays are required these alone may take 5 minutes in total depending on the extent. In most cases we allow 30-45 minutes to ensure a thorough examination. 

This includes consulting before hand and a through explanation of any treatment required afterwards.

We set aside additional time as necessary for nervous patients to ensure we have settled any concerns beforehand

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In honesty it depends on whether the appoint is a general dental checkup or if you have a specific concern that requires attention such as tooth pain, your gums are bleeding or a troublesome mouth ulcer.

During a normal dental appointment examination, your dentist will: Examine your overall oral health and of course hygiene. This includes checking each and every tooth noting condition and or concerns on our system so that we can monitor over time.

Equally this enables us to advise you on how best to take care of your mouth, any specific teeth that are a cause for concern as well as advise on any techniques such as flossing that you should be using.

We will then schedule a follow-up or a routine appointment as necessary.

Your oral health is connected to your overall health, as such it is critical that you communicate all any any dental concerns with us. 

Be prepared!

  • Let us know about any new general health issues since your last visit (for example, heart attack, stroke, illness, diabetes or heart disease).
  • Grab a pen and make a list of any medications you currently take, including their dosages.
  • If you do suffer from dental anxiety, be sure to tell either our reception team or your dentist. A fear of the dentist is normal, so don't be worried.  At Bromsgrove Dentist we take your comfort & relaxation whilst ensuring that your dental care is the best it can be, very seriously. 
  • Don't be afraid to chat with your dentist, discuss any problems or differences you've noticed with a mouth ulcer, a tooth, your gums, unexpected lumps or indeed generally your mouth. Earlier intervention is very important so don't hold off. If you are experiencing any pain, sensitivity teeth, an Ulcer, a suspicious lump, the earlier the better.

Depending on the need, your dentist may decide to take X-rays.

This will help your dentist to take a closer look at any areas of concern such as; decay, gum disease, or other dental, jaw or other oral problems. As X-rays emit a small dose of radiation we only use when absolutely necessary.

If you have had any X-rays previously taken by another dentist that you wish to show us, please bring copies when you're visiting your new dentists.