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Cosmetic Dentistry with Bromsgrove Dental Clinic

We like to think we are changing the face of Dentistry within Bromsgrove because Dentists aren’t just about Teeth anymore. We also provide Cosmetic Dentistry to everything surrounding your teeth!

From Lip Fillers, to Frown Lines to Nose Straightening and Chin Sculpting, Bromsgrove Dental can provide these amazing treatments to accompany your dazzling smile.

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Our recent and most amazing Treatment is ‘Heart Lips’. Dr Nazia has been specially trained and licensed by Professor Bob Khanna in the revolutionary Heart Lips technique.

Heart Lips have specially designed features to give you a perfect shaped pout. Get beautiful full and natural looking lips.

As well as Teeth Whitening, Lip Fillers and Facial Rejuvenation (to get rid of frown lines, crows feet), Dr Nazia Alyas is trained to provide treatment using complex fillers help us with areas we are unhappy with:

Dr Alyas can straighten up your nose and get rid of humps

 Dr Alyas can give your Chin and Jaw an amazing shape, leaving it more defined

Our modern techniques can sculpt your cheekbones giving you the desired definition you are looking for

If you feel you have a gummy smile, Dr Alyas can help with that with the use of fillers and without surgery!

And its not just the face we can help with. If you have problems with excessive sweating, then Dr Alyas can provide you with treatment for Hyperhidrosis.


This all sits under the realm of Cosmetic Dentistry, enabling us to become more than ‘just a Dentist’.