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Bromsgrove Dental Patients Testimonials

Dear Dr Pavlova, thank you for a very fine Bridge!

Thank you for your very professional, but very friendly and cheerful treatment of a very nervous patient. I hope you take back some good memories if you eventually return back to Bulgaria from our wonderful country (England)!!

– Bob Mitchell

I have been a nervous patient for as long as I can remember but finally decided to bite the bullet and visit Bromsgrove Dental Clinic for a routine check-up. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a lovely receptionist and made to feel very welcome.

I was also offered to help myself to various refreshments and to sit and relax in the newly decorated waiting area. I was called through by a lovely nurse called Sam and taken into the surgery to meet the dentist. I was introduced to Dr. Pavlova (and I remember because of the cake! Naughty), she did a thorough examination which took about 15 minutes.

She explained everything to me and after I was given a treatment plan which displayed all the costs. I booked in my next appointment and left feeling a sense of achievement! All I can say is that I will be coming again and I’m very glad I decided to go

– June

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was reading the paper. I saw an article about FREE oral cancer screening at Bromsgrove Dental Clinic and decided to book myself in.

I rang the clinic up and spoke to a very helpful receptionist who fitted me in no trouble.

I came for my appointment and the very nice young male dentist did my screening for me. YES!!!

I had the all clear. It only took about 15 minutes but it was a very thorough check I assure you.

I am glad I came as it definitely puts you at ease to know your mouth is healthy

– Derek


I had been having lots of ongoing problems with my dentures in the past and really wanted someone to help me as I was struggling to eat.

After visiting Bromsgrove Dental Clinic my issues were resolved and I had a new plate made. I can now eat whatever I want without pain. I’m so happy

– Mary

I visited Bromsgrove Dental Clinic in September and I received 20% off my first appointment as a new patient.

The dentist I met was great and the staff seemed very helpful and polite


Every time I come to this practice the staff are always friendly and helpful

– Ian

Bromsgrove Dental Clinic is great plus they open on a Saturday and they do late evenings and early mornings too!!

This really helps with work

– Debbie


I love the fact that they provide 7:30am starts and 8pm finish on a Wednesday.

If that’s not good enough, they open 2 Saturdays a month also! That’s dedication at its best! – Clare


After putting off going to the dentist for so many years I finally plucked up the courage to go ….and I've got to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Upon my arrival to Bromsgrove Dental Clinic I was greeted by a lovely receptionist who chatted with me and made me feel at ease (as at ease as you can be whilst waiting to see a dentist).

After seeing the lady dentist I've got to say I felt relieved as she made me feel so calm and told me she wouldn’t do anything unless I was happy to and explained everything in such detail and in a way what I could understand.

I can not believe I waited so long to go.

I WILL be returning in the future!

– Jane

Last week I was in soooo much pain with an abscess and couldn’t get in at my usual Practice but the Bromsgrove Practice got me in for a emergency appointment straight away!

I completely understand this would have set them back all day but I appreciated that so much and I wasn’t even a patient at their practice!!! But with the level of care I received that day, I am now

– Justin

We as a family have been coming to Bromsgrove Dental Clinic (Formally Bromsgrove Family Dental Practice) for a long time now and have always been happy there. Recently we have noticed how much the practice has changed – ALL in a good way.

This has made our experience even more pleasurable and we dont actually feel the burden of attending as you would normally. We will continue to attend this practice in the future as we find both Dr Pavlova and Dr Pal very welcoming and professional 

– The Ward Family

I have been a patient at Bromsgrove Dental Clinic for quite some time now.

I always feel i get good treatment and the staff are very caring and professional. They have undergone some changes recently which I think are for the better and I love the new logo and refurbishment. This has a made a already great practice even better in my opinion

– Chris

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