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Teeth Whitening Dental Care

Understanding your options

Teeth Whitening can help to improved stained teeth that have become discoloured by foods, drinks, smoking and certain medications.

First of all it is a safe procedure that can lighten the colour of your teeth by using a safe dental bleaching gel.



Whitening works by releasing oxygen into the tooth to break down stains. It therefore gives long lasting, beautifully natural results.

Most noteworthy Individual results are based on your initial tooth colour and the nature of your tooth staining.

1. Power Whitening

Here your teeth are whitened in the dental chair using a light to activate the bleaching gel. We use Zoom! From Philips, the leading power whitening brand in the world.

After one hour you can expect your teeth to look a few shades brighter. Therefore its a popular choice with us as many patients who have an important event coming up want to look their best as quick as possible.

2. Home Whitening

Here we use a custom-made lightweight mouthguard that fits snugly over your teeth.

You then put a whitening gel inside the tray and wear this for a few hours during the day or night.

As a result typically within 3 weeks your teeth will appear whiter and brighter.

Teeth Whitening at Home

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Teeth Whitening Polanight

Frequently asked questions

Is teeth whitening a safe procedure?
Will bleaching damage my teeth?
Is teeth whitening a safe procedure?

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental treatments.

Our patients love their teeth to feel clean, healthy and sparkling! Zoom Teeth Whitening is a fast, safe and effective way to brighten your smile.

Here at Bromsgrove Dental Clinic we offer In chair Phillips Zoom Teeth Whitening and Home whitening with trays and gel.

Because both are very easy and effective ways to whiten your teeth so it depends on personal preference. There are cheaper options such as whitening toothpaste. Whitening toothpastes are great for removing staining due to coffee, tea or red wine but you will never get a truly white smile. For this you need treatment from a qualified Dentist.

Will bleaching damage my teeth?

Bleaching is perfectly safe IF it carried out in a controlled environment by a dental professional. There are a lot of unqualified places, shops and online sites that will offer you teeth whitening very cheaply. These places are not permitted to do this treatment.

Dangerous DIY teeth whitening kits containing bleaching agents that massively exceed the maximum legal levels are putting people's health at risk and have been on the rise recently. It is illegal to have teeth whitening by anyone other than a qualified Dentist. So please, stay safe and put your teeth in the hands of a Dentist, not dodgy Dave!

Will my teeth hurt?

You may experience some discomfort after having teeth whitening done however this shouldn’t last very long, typically a few hours sometimes a few days. If this is the case we advise the use of a sensitive toothpaste. This will help with any sensitivity afterwards.

Consequently some people are slightly more sensitive to teeth whitening than others but the dentist will be on hand to help and advise if this is the case. If you do experience sensitivity don't ignore it, please let us know so we can help.

How long will it take?

It all depends on what method you choose while with us to whiten your teeth.

Home Teeth Whitening,

We will will take some impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Therefore it takes a few days as the impressions will be sent to the laboratory.

They will make your whitening trays and then you will come in for the dentist to fit them. You will be given full instructions how to use the trays with the 5 bleaching gels we will provide for you.

Self administration

You will then control your teeth whitening experience at home as and when you want to whiten them. It is a good idea not to whiten them every day as the teeth can become very dehydrated and this is the reason they get sensitive.

We recommend leaving some time in between as once the teeth have reached their highest possible colour, whitening them again and again won’t affect the outcome.

First of all in-chair Phillips Zoom option will be done for you by your dental professional and can take about 2 hours .

Once your treatment is complete, you will be provided with the home trays similar to the previous option above and the dentist will give you 2 optimising gels to take home.

We will advise you on how to use these 2 gels under your dentist’s instruction as this helps the teeth to reach their full potential. You will then be asked to book a review appointment.

Patient Testimonial (who had Zoom In Chair Treatment):

"In my experience, Zoom whitening was a great way to have my teeth whitened without having to do anything. I followed my dentist’s advice at the time and decided to go ahead with this treatment.

I'd have it done again in the future when I feel I need to. I have tried home whitening and that was just as good in regards to getting my teeth whiter."

In Conclusion;

We have many many patients at Bromsgrove Dental Clinic that are a massive fan of the Home Teeth Whitening as well as the In-chair Phillips Zoom. Therefore it all depends on you as an individual. If you have any questions or concerns or are interested in having this done, then just ask your dentist!

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