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Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Vicky!

Although Vicky worked at Bromsgrove Dental Clinic for 3 years previously, she returned to us last year! It’s been wonderful to have her back and we are pleased to say that she is celebrating her 1 year anniversary with us (although its technically 4).

Vicky says – “It offers me more time to really connect with the patients as it’s not so busy as working NHS and I can focus on them instead of all the paperwork  lol

I wanted to further my career but didn’t know in exactly what way so I decided to return. I had previously worked here for 3 years and felt comfortable taking on the role of reception manager alongside my former colleagues as I knew they would all offer their support.

I was also very excited to have new managers and I knew good things were in store for the practice and with their in-house support I knew I would achieve many new goals”.

We are looking forward to many more years with you Vicky 🙂 – The Bromsgrove Dental Team

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