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Domiciliary Care Service in Bromsgrove

Throughout Bromsgrove, we offer a private mobile dental service to individuals in their own homes, residents of care homes or retirement villages and patients in hospital or in a hospice. Our equipment is portable and our experienced staff will try their very best to provide on site care for you.

Dental care at Home

How to book an Appointment

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New Patient Consultations

All new patients are offered a full oral health consultation. We assess risks and the presence of many oral health conditions and offer oral cancer screening, periodontal health assessment, preventive advice, hygiene advice, topical fluoride application if required and emergency pain relief if required.

The new patient consultation costs £129, payable at the time of booking the appointment.

Planning for Residential Care

It is always worth looking at the arrangements a care home has in place for dental care. Some care homes provide transport and staff but may charge for this. Some rely on family to accompany the residents to an appointment.

I am booking on behalf of a relative - do I need to be present at the appointment?

Patients find it very reassuring when a familiar face is with them. Some family members prefer to be present, others are unable to be. In a care home setting we will liase with the care staff and always ensure that the patient is comfortable.

The importance of a Medical History Form

We ask for a signed Medical History form before we see our elderly patient because they may be in poor health or suffering from a degree of dementia and they may be unable to give information about their Medical History/Medications. In order to treat patients safely in a home setting it is extremely important that we have all the relevant medical information to hand.


What happens if further treatment is needed?

After the consultation/checkup, the dentist will prepare a treatment plan setting out recommendations and cost for further treatment. Sometimes it is possible to carry out further treatment at the initial appointment, provided that appropriate consent is given and sufficient medical history available. Alternatively, patients will be offered a follow-up appointment.

There is no obligation to proceed with further treatment, it is entirely the patient's choice.

The Cost of On-site Care

We believe that we offer excellent value for money by bringing the dentist and nurse to you and eliminating the costs of travel, extra staffing and disruption for the patient. However we appreciate that private dental care is not cheap and will always inform you of charges and ways in which we can spread the cost of your treatment.

  • New Patent Consultation £129
  • On going Checkups £75
  • Scale and Polish £45
  • Dentures from £649 each
  • Simple fillings from £75 each
  • Simple extractions £125 each
  • Fluoride Application £10

Advice for Care Homes

Oral health matters, especially for the elderly. There is strong medical evidence between poor oral health and poor medical health, from diabetes, to alzheimers to heart disease.

Denture wearers are also as much if not more at risk of oral cancer than those with their own teeth. Oral cancer can kill if left undiagnosed.


The elderly can find it difficult to clean their teeth properly and may lack the physical and mental ability to do so and thus their teeth and really suffer. Many elderly have worn the same set of dentures for years and they may not be fitting properly. Badly fitting or lost dentures, can lead to weight loss and a diet of pureed food.

Many carers have not had proper training in how to assist with toothbrushing; for example they may clean the patients dentures but forget to clean the patients teeth & gums.

It's Important to have provisions in place for residents who need access to dental care:

Staff and transport to take residents to the dentist

Costings in place to cover this

Relatives escorting patients


On-Site Dental Clinics for You

We can help residents - even those with dementia and mobility problems - to receive regular check-ups and a range of dental treatments to look after their oral health.

We take the stress of transport, staffing and administrative worries away. We offer a caring and stress-free experience for residents and will always attend with a dentist and a dental nurse.


The Benefits for Residential Homes

  • Confidence that you are enabling residents to access dental care
  • Opportunity to promote and offer on-site private dental care as part of you care plan
  • Peace of mind that your residents enjoy a caring & stress-free experience
  • Evidence that you value and safeguard residents’ privacy, dignity & quality of life
  • Eliminate the transport and staffing costs of taking residents out to dental appointments
  • Free advice on prevention and diet
  • Free oral healthcare training for all staff

The Benefits for Relatives and Patients

  • Access to regular dental care helping to maintain general well-being
  • Screening for Oral Cancer and other diseases
  • Dental treatments offered on site, no need to arrange transport
  • Experienced gentle dental staff; with a courteous and caring approach
  • Making beautiful dentures, adjustment & repairs
  • Peace of mind for family and friends

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