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Dental Sedation & Pain Management

Surgical Extractions

Surgical Extractions of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

RCT (Root Canal Treated) teeth

Very carious teeth

Infected roots



Smooth over alveolar bone of areas which might be impinging on denture bearing areas

Surgical Crown Legthening

We have a fixed charge of £249 overall for all our procedures.

This includes:

A £49 non refundable consultation charge. All small X-rays included. This will count towards the £249 overall cost of treatment if the patient decides to go ahead with the procedure. If an OPG is required - there will be an additional charge.


As a special offer we will be offering IV sedation, discounted from £375 to £200, for very nervous or phobic patients or patients with a severe gag reflex.

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Bromsgrove Dental Clinic is supported by a warm, friendly reception team and top notch dentists.

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