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Are you afraid of the Dentist? Then Dental Sedation may help to conquer your fears

Lots of people are afraid of the dentist and often this can lead to patients avoiding their dentist for long periods of time or completely. Many people with a phobia of the dentist will put off going for if possible usually until they absolutely must because the pain is too severe.

People will often put up with gum infections (periodontal disease) and even extreme toothache just so they don’t have to go to the dentist. Not coming to regular check-ups at the dentist can result in more treatment being needed compared with that of a regular patient.

Dental Sedation

For people who have a severe phobia of the Dentist, Dental Sedation is an great option to help take away some of their anxiety. It can be used for a variety of procedures from simple tooth cleaning to invasive procedures. How it is used will depend on the level of anxiety and fear of the patient.

Once the sedation starts to take effect, the patient will be put at ease and is often not consciously aware of the dentist or the treatment taking place. Treatment will take place once the patient is fully relaxed and sedated. Your pulse and breathing will be monitored by the dentist as well as the sedation trained nurse. The patient will still be able to understand and respond to questions, however it is unlikely the patient will remember much of the treatment, this can be for a few reasons.

For just a short period the sedation can provide short term memory loss, this can be partial or complete memory loss. This will ensure your whole experience at the dentist’s is far more relaxed and pleasant. The sedation also puts the patient in to a state of deep relaxation and the patient will not be consciously bothered about what is happening around then. This can result in the patient feeling like they have been sleeping for the entire treatment.

Sedation is different to a general anaesthetic in that a general anaesthetic puts you fully under and with sedation you will still be awake but you won’t be aware of the dentist or your surroundings. General anaesthetic is prohibited from dental practices.

Treatments that can be carried out under sedation include;

  • General dental treatments (e.g. fillings, root canal, scale and polish etc)
  • Oral Surgery
  • Dental Implants
  • Cosmetic dental treatment such as Veneers and Crowns

If you are a nervous patient and would like to talk about the possibility of having sedation then please get in touch with our helpful and friendly reception team on or call us on 01527 874 537

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