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Airflow at Bromsgrove Dental Services

Get Airflow treatment at Bromsgrove Dental!

So what is Air flow and how can it help you?

The innovative air flow polishing technique uses a machine that cleans and polishes the teeth with a mix of water, compressed air and fine powder particles.

Effective cleaning

Air flow polishing is a great way to remove stains and discolouration you may have, caused by smoking or by drinking red wine, tea and coffee, as it whitens teeth whilst gently removing dental plaque. It can be used to clean and open fissures and enhances your comfort by polishing without direct contact, pressure, heat or noise.

A powerful yet controlled jet of water, air and fine powder polishes all the surfaces of your tooth, removing plaque, discolouration and soft deposits. Air flow polishing is completely safe to use with dental implants, veneers, crowns and bridges.

at Air flow polishing is ideal for those who suffer from sensitive teeth. This is due to the lack of direct contact and the absence of heat and vibration. Also, the tiny micro particles of powder can actually fill exposed dentine tubules and reduce dental sensitivity. Air flow polishing can also encourage the re-mineralisation of damaged teeth.

Fast cleaning

Studies have shown that air polishing is a fast treatment for removing stains and plaque. This means less time in the chair for you! Small areas of decay are gently blasted away.

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